How do I verify my ID?

You will need to verify your ID first before you can Cash Out using our Pay On Demand™ service.

Follow these easy steps to verify your ID and get one step closer to getting your Pay On Demand™!

  1. Tap on the Cash Out lightning bolt icon and select the ‘Verify your identity’ button. 

  2. Choose the form of ID you would like to use to verify your identity. (Note: Beforepay only accepts Australian driver’s licences, passports and Medicare cards.)
  3. Enter your ID details. (Note: Check that the information you provide is accurate and correctly matches your ID.)
  4. Submit your details and wait to be redirected to the Cash Out screen where you will see the status of your verification request. If you leave the app, you will be notified by email.

Need help verifying your ID? Follow our guide here.

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