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From 08/06/2021 to 08/07/2021 you can earn $5 for every mate you invite to Beforepay. We will tell you how below.

Once you’ve qualified you (the Inviter) can send invites to your mates (Invitees) using your very own shareable referral link.

After they successfully complete the Beforepay registration process, a $5 credit will be applied to your account. The credit will be deducted from the 5% transaction fee of any Cash Outs before 27/8/2021.

Invites will expire automatically if the invitee has not joined Beforepay (by completing our registration process) by 08/07/2021.

To be able to send invites to a mate, you need to:

  1. Download the latest version of the app. You can get the Beforepay app in either the Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  2. Complete the Beforepay registration process yourself. Create an account and verify your identity and bank details with us.
  3. Have Cashed Out at least once with Beforepay.
  4. Click the “Invite your friends” button. This can be accessed from the homescreen of the app and within the Profile section.

More Questions?

Here’s a little FAQ to help you get started.

How many invites can I send?

As many as you want, there are no limitations for invites. You should only send your referral link to family and close friends. See further conditions below.

When do I get my $5 credit?

You will receive a $5 credit to apply against your next transaction fee as soon as your mate successfully completes the Beforepay registration process. 

I sent an invite but didn’t get a $5 credit?

To receive the $5 credit, your mate must: 

  1. be new to Beforepay,
  2. download the app for the first time using the shareable link you sent them. If they download the app any other way we won’t be able to recognise you as the referrer, AND
  3. successfully complete the registration process, including verifying their identity and bank account via the app. Only individuals eligible to use Beforepay’s Cash Out service can be considered.

I’m not with Beforepay now. How can I get an invite?

Simply ask your mate who’s with us to send you a referral link using the Beforepay App.

Conditions of use

  1. Beforepay Group Limited (formerly Cheq Limited) will offer a referral program running from 08/06/2021 to 08/07/2021.
  2. Inviters can invite their eligible mates (Invitees) by sending their shareable referral link. Inviters will earn $5 credit for each Invitee that completes the Beforepay registration process before 08/07/2021. Any Invitees that have not completed the Beforepay registration process within this period or otherwise do not comply with these conditions will not result in a $5 credit for the Inviter.
  3. Inviters must have completed the Beforepay registration process and Cashed Out at least once.
  4. Inviters can earn a $5 credit for each successful referral with a maximum of $20 credits. Any additional Invitees who successfully complete the Beforepay registration process after the $20 maximum credit limit has been earned by the Inviter will not result in a $5 credit.
  5. Credits will be automatically deducted from the transaction fee of the Inviters next Cash Out. Multiple $5 credits can be used for one transaction fee. If the total amount of credits exceeds the amount of a transaction fee, the remaining credits will be deducted from the transaction fee of the subsequent Cash Out(s). Any credit that is unused by 27/8/2021 will automatically expire. 
  6. Inviters must comply with all “SPAM” laws. Inviters must only send a referral link to family and close friends, with their express or inferred consent. Any distribution of a referral link that could constitute an unsolicited commercial message or "spam" under any applicable law or regulation is expressly prohibited and will be grounds for immediate termination of the Inviter’s account and exclusion from this program. Inviters must not publish or advertise a referral link, or share it except as provided for in this condition.
  7. Invitees who have previously had a Beforepay account will not result in a $5 credit for the Inviter.
  8. Only Invitees that have used a unique shareable referral link download the Beforepay app and complete the Beforepay registration process will result in a $5 credit to the associated Inviter. 
  9. Completing the Beforepay registration process means successfully creating an account, verifying identity and bank details in the app and being accepted by Beforepay as a customer in accordance with its standard terms and conditions.
  10. Inviters and Invitees agree by participating in this program that these conditions are additional to Beforepay’s standard terms and conditions and privacy policy which are incorporated herein and any other agreements between Inviters, Invitees and/or Beforepay.
  11. The referral campaign is designed so that Beforepay customers can spread the word about Beforepay in the spirit of genuine advocacy and referral.
  12. Beforepay reserves the right to reject any Invitee’s registration.
  13. Beforepay reserves the right to modify or cancel this campaign at any time.
  14. Beforepay may at its absolute discretion cancel a $5 credit entitlement or an Inviter or Invitee’s participation in this program without notice. Without limiting the circumstances in which it may do so, Beforepay may exercise these rights under the following circumstances:
    1. It believes an Inviter or Invitee is acting in a fraudulent, deceptive or misleading manner, or in contravention of any laws or regulations.
    2. An Inviter or Invitee’s conduct is in breach of any of Beforepay’s terms, conditions and/or policies
    3. Beforepay closes an Inviter’s account
    4. Beforepay believes the security or quality of the Beforepay app or related services is threatened 
    5. Beforepay believes that an Inviter or Invitee’s conduct may be detrimental to the reputation of Beforepay or its related entities.
    6. An Inviter has unpaid fees or charges, or dishonours on their account
    7. An Inviter is sending an excessive number of unsolicited invites 
    8. An Invitee is not eligible for Beforepay’s services
  15. These conditions are governed by the laws of NSW.
  16. Any reference to dollars or ‘$’ is a reference to Australian Dollars (AUD).

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